Website Import Tutorials

In this tutorial, you will learn how to import, and setup completed niche website package into your hosting.

We have built niche websites using WordPres and backed up with a free plugin called ‘WP Import Migration.’

Within few clicks, you are going to have a complete fully working website.

First of all, you need a fresh WordPress installed website.

To do that you need a domain and hosting.

If you don’t have a domain and hosting yet, we would suggest you grab the domain and hosting from Namecheap. They are cheap, and they also offer free Whois guard and Positive SSL for $2 which is highly recommended.

You can grab value plan and domain under $15.

Once you purchased the domain and hosting you can install WordPress inside of Cpanel by running their automated Softaculous Apps Installer.

                     [See the screenshot below – Namecheap Hosting ]

Once you installed WordPress, login to your WordPress dashboard and install WordPress plugin called ‘wp import migration‘ and activate.

For login to your wordpress dashboard go to

Go to plugins and select ‘add new’

Type ‘wp import migration’ (without quotes) in the search filed and click the install.

Once install the plugin make sure to ‘activate’ the plugin.

Now we have successfully installed and activated the plugin. Next, we need to import our ‘.wpress.’ via  All in One WP Migration.

To do that, Go to All in One WP Migration and click import


Next, you need to upload your ‘wpress’ file  (where you downloaded from our monthly niche website members area)

You can directly drag & drop or click ‘import from’ and click ‘file’ and choose your ‘.wpress’ file to upload.

See the screen shot below


Wait while it’s been uploaded. Time may vary with your internet speed.


Once its completed, it will ask you to continue. Click ‘continue’ button.


It will start to process and wait until it’s finished. (It will restore data bases ,media files etc for you)


Once process completed you will get a message like below and click ‘close’


Now go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘permalinks’

Once click it asks you to re-login. You should type below credentials to re-login (later you can change the passwords )

Username : admin

Password  : nichevista

Now select ‘post name and click ‘save’ button.

Now you have successfully installed and setup your niche website. Now you can click the homepage ( and check how it works.

Niche Vista
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